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Our trips will give you the opportunity to see a great variety of fish and marine life while we explore the beautiful reefs and astounding kelp forests! Schedule a trip today and experience it with friends and family!

Trips Offered

All trips are private and up to 6 people

Full Day



Enjoy a day of exploring the ocean and Catalina Island! Departing from Dana Point Harbor, it is a 32 mile boat ride to the island. On the way it is very likely that we will come across dolphins, sometimes even whales, and of course we will stop to check them out! Once at the island, we will take you to beautiful snorkel spots that are only accessible by boat. For lunch we will drop you off in Avalon to grab some food at one of the many restaurants on the island and to check out the town. After lunch we can jump in the water one more time and then head back to Dana Point and be home around 5:00pm. All snorkeling equipment and wetsuits will be provided and the boat will have a cooler stocked with cold drinks. Booking Charge: $1200

Booking Charge: $1,200

2 Day Overnight

(9:00am-5:00pm the following day)


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What are your shipping costs?

We charge a flat $5.00 fee per order. You can purchase multiple items in one order and the shipping fee will still be $5.00!

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders usually process within 1 day. Estimated delivery is 5-7 business days, depending on location. Tracking information will be avaible as soon as your item ships.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time. But we are working on it!

Booking Charge: $2,000


About Us

Since 2015 we have been Southern California’s BEST snorkeling tour! We started out doing snorkeling trips from shore in Laguna Beach and we have now upgraded to doing private boat trips to snorkel and hang out at Catalina Island!


Dalton Best is the owner/operator of SoCal Snorkeling Tours. He was the main guide for the beach snorkeling in Laguna Beach and is now the captain that will be running these trips to Catalina. He is an avid free diver and spearfisherman. He is an Orange County local and has been training in the water since he was 8 years old. As a former Laguna Beach lifeguard, he has a safety-first mentality. With his background in customer service, he will always be striving to make sure you have the best experience possible.


When you're with Dalton, you can be sure that your safety will always be a priority and that you will create a memorable experience!

About Our Boat

Our 26’ Glacier Bay power catamaran offers the most comfortable ride of any boat in its size class. With a full wrap around windshield and hard top roof, you are protected from the wind, sun, and spray for a dry, warm ride.


The boat has a 3 seat bench with backrest, a cooler seat, and two oversize bean bags for getting real comfy. The boat also has a cabin below deck with a queen size bed if you want to take a nap.

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SoCal Snorkeling Reviews


Keith Lewallen

4/14/17 + Verified Review


We had a fantastic time snorkeling with Waller as our guide and Dalton is an outstanding guy too.  It was an absolute blast and while we were all good swimmers, you can be rest assured they make this a very safe and fun experience.  Thanks so much guys!


Jessica C.

3/3/17 + Verified Review


Let me start by saying that I have a fear of the ocean. If I can't feel the ground, I tend to panic. Ironically enough, I snorkeled for the first time two years ago and I really liked it, but was still very nervous about it. My boyfriend booked with Socal Snorkeling Tour for my birthday, and I was very scared. Dalton, our tour guide, was amazing! He made me feel very safe and comfortable with snorkeling. He stayed between the rocks and I so that if we got close to them I wouldn't hit them and hurt myself. He took us to three different points and taught us the names of the types of fishes. The locations were very beautiful and we saw plenty of fish. I would definitely recommend Socal Snorkeling Tour if you are looking to book with someone!


Jay Schuette

6/21/16 + Verified Review


I can't believe I have lived in Orange County for 10 years and never snorkeled here before.  I had a friend visiting and wanted to try something different.  SoCal Snorkeling Tours seemed to have great reviews so we gave them a shot.  I can't say enough about the service we were provided or the unbelievable snorkeling around Laguna Beach.  Dalton took excellent care of us and taught us some great techniques.  As soon as we were comfortable in the water, I was actually diving about 15' down and checking out the rock reefs with Dalton.  I will definitely be doing this again.


Scott Freeman

5/4/16 + Verified Review


We had a great time Saturday on our snorkel tour on Laguna Beach with Dalton. He was extremely informative and courteous. We felt safe and in good hands and Dalton supplied top quality equipment and a first rate snorkeling experience. We would highly recommend him to any one who is curious or inexperienced when it comes to the ocean. Thanks Dalton.


Kathy Chinchilla

7/21/16 + Verified Review


The instructors are awesome, new equipment, and great safety guidance out in the water for beginners.  It was awesome having locals show you around the waters, and they stay at your pace whether you're a beginner or advanced snorkeler.  Would highly recommend checking them out, you will have a blast all the while getting the best snorkel experience in Laguna!


Kayla Hynes

7/3/16 + Verified Review


We had an incredible experience with SoCal Snorkeling Tours. Our instructor Dalton was extremely easy to communicate with before the tour. We met him right on the beach so all of your 2 hour tour time is spent in the water. During the tour he was even better. He was very patient with the kids and helped them get extremely comfortable in the water. He was always making sure that everyone in the group was doing ok. The equipment was either new or extremely clean and in great shape. I would definitely recommend this snorkeling tour to anyone.

Still Not Convinced? Read More Reviews


- Derek R.

"Great opportunity. Highly recommend"


- Christian R.

SoCal Snorkeling Tours is definitely the best!


 - Kayla H.

We had an incredible experience


- pborowski54

Phenomenal Experience


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the trip?

➤ We will depart Dana Point Harbor at 9:00am and return around 5:00pm

If we want to stay at the island overnight, do you offer a 2 day trip?

➤ Yes, we can accommodate multiday trips.

What if I get sea sick?

➤ We recommend Bonine over Dramamine. It doesn’t cause drowsiness the way Dramamine does. The most effective use is to take it the night before so it is in your system, and take another the morning of.

Do we need to know how to swim?

➤ To join us on the boat, no. To join us in the water for snorkeling, yes.

Are children allowed?

➤ Absolutely!

Is there a minimum age?

➤ 4 years old

Is snorkeling gear and wetsuits provided?

➤ Yes

Where do we meet?

➤ Dana Point Harbor.

Where do we park?

➤ You will be able to park in a private lot in the harbor.

Is alcohol allowed?

➤ Yes. We request that you don’t bring glass and that you drink responsibly.